Does Your Child Need Fluoride Treatment?

The importance of fluoride for maintaining healthy teeth has been well-documented. After all, fluoride is added to toothpaste and various other oral hygiene products. This can lead to many parents wondering if their child is actually getting enough fluoride to protect their smile. The children's dental care specialists at your local pediatric dental clinic can shed some light on the situation.  Supplemental Fluoride  The need for supplemental fluoride is often identified during a regular dental checkup. [Read More]

Childhood Habits That Can Cause Dental Problems

Children sometimes have habits that differ from those of adults. Here are a few childhood habits that can cause problems with the teeth. Drinking From A Bottle Children should be weaned from a bottle as soon as possible. However, some children come to rely on a bottle to soothe them during periods of stress or to help them fall asleep more easily. When a bottle contains anything other than water, the contents can promote tooth decay. [Read More]

Implants Or Dentures: Which Tooth Replacement Option Is Best?

If you have suffered from chronic dental problems throughout your adult life, you may have considered having your teeth removed. If your teeth continually cause you painful and frustrating problems, full teeth removal may be a good option. However, an important part of the process is the replacement process. There are several replacement options to consider. The following are some examples: Traditional Dentures When you have your teeth removed, your first thought may be to get traditional dentures. [Read More]

A Review Of Cosmetic Injections That Solve Patients' Dental Needs

Cosmetic procedures offer more than aesthetic functions. One cannot separate dental and facial care as they are closely related. As technology advances, specialists are increasingly looking for ways to combine the two for improved patient satisfaction. An example entails dentofacial aesthetic treatments, which address patients' dental and facial cosmetic needs concurrently. Dentists blend cosmetic procedures into dental care to supplement dental restorative procedures like dental implants, veneers, and dental crowns. Dentists have an advanced understanding of dental and facial anatomy, which may make them qualified to offer cosmetic injections to treat various dentofacial issues. [Read More]