How Teeth Whitening Training Benefits Your Dental Practice

Whether you own a dental practice as an actual dentist or as an investor in the dental industry, one thing remains clear: optimum, relevant dental work is what will help your practice steadily grow. Consider teeth whitening training for you or your staff for the following reasons. Training is easy Teeth whitening training can be done online, in a classroom setting, or even in the dental office by a trained professional. [Read More]

Four Benefits Of Dental Cleanings

Some people think that jogging and working out are the only things necessary to take care of your health, but they are sadly mistaken. Taking care of your oral health is a crucial part of making sure you are a healthy individual. While it is important to brush your teeth and floss every day, a trip to the dentist might help you in more ways than you ever thought possible. Here are a few benefits of visiting the dentist for routine cleanings and check-ups. [Read More]

5 Questions Dental Patients Have About Living With Dental Implants

Considering a dental implant? You likely have questions about the procedure and what it is like living with an implant afterward. Here are some common questions you may have. Will Your Jaw Ache Afterwards? You can expect to experience some soreness in your jaw immediately after the surgical procedure, and this is normal. Thankfully, your dentist should prescribe pain medication to help the area feel better while it is healing. On the day of the procedure, make sure to take pain medication preemptively before the numbness from anesthesia goes away to help avoid any pain or discomfort. [Read More]

When Bacteria Lingers Too Long And Plaque Is Born

Bacteria is a fact of life for the human body. There are even beneficial, "good" bacteria present in some places. It's mostly unwelcome in your mouth, however. Bacteria just love the environment there. It's moist and warm enough in your mouth to encourage bacteria to thrive and wreak havoc. While just the thought of bacteria in one's mouth is bad enough, the damage it can do can be serious. Read below and find out more about how bacteria that linger too long can create damaging plaque. [Read More]