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3 Tips To Help You Teach Your Child To Brush

Adults do several things that may appear scary to some children, and brushing teeth is one of them. While preventive dental care includes brushing teeth every morning and evening, your child may not be comfortable with the practice. That is because some children may view the brush as a tool to hurt them, and those who do not fear may find the exercise tedious or unnecessary. The best way to counter such reactions is by making brushing look fun and exciting. Use these tips from a dentist to instill the habit of brushing teeth daily in your kid.

1. Start as Soon as Teeth Start Erupting

The best way to reduce the fear of using a brush is by introducing it to your child at an early stage. That way, your child will understand the concept of brushing when their teeth start growing. Consequently, you will have an easier time teaching proper brushing techniques to your kid than if you waited until they are older to introduce the toothbrush.

Additionally, it will be easy to explain why it is essential to brush their teeth regularly when your kid starts to understand instructions. So, allowing your child to chew on a brush and play with it might help them gradually ease into a healthy dental care routine.

2. Work Together With Your Kid

Your kids watch everything you do, and they love when you involve them in doing the activity together. Therefore, your child will feel good if you set routine teeth cleaning together because children love copying their parents. When teaching your children proper brushing techniques, avoid pushing the habit into them and allow them to adopt it slowly. If you do that repeatedly, it will sink into their mind, and they will always incorporate it into their daily routine.

3. Complement Their Brushing Skills

Children love when parents compliment them, which motivates them to repeat the activity to earn more compliments. For example, if you compliment your child about their brushing skills, they will do it repeatedly and master the skills. As a result, the child will be comfortable with the exercise and know it is good to keep the teeth clean all the time.

Many parents have a hard time teaching their children proper dental hygiene practices because they don't know the right way to go about it. However, using these tips could make the process easier. Apart from learning how to take care of their teeth, it is also crucial to take your kid to a dentist regularly. Therefore, ensure your child goes for their dental visits immediately their teeth start growing.