Creating A More Beautiful Smile

A Review Of Cosmetic Injections That Solve Patients' Dental Needs

Cosmetic procedures offer more than aesthetic functions. One cannot separate dental and facial care as they are closely related. As technology advances, specialists are increasingly looking for ways to combine the two for improved patient satisfaction. An example entails dentofacial aesthetic treatments, which address patients' dental and facial cosmetic needs concurrently. Dentists blend cosmetic procedures into dental care to supplement dental restorative procedures like dental implants, veneers, and dental crowns. Dentists have an advanced understanding of dental and facial anatomy, which may make them qualified to offer cosmetic injections to treat various dentofacial issues. Below are some types of cosmetic injections that patients may receive.

Muscle Relaxants

Muscle relaxants are also known as anti-wrinkle injections. Muscle relaxants instantly relax a patient's facial muscles, softening their facial lines, jaw, and wrinkles, achieving a youthful look. Thus, patients with prominent masseter muscles or an overly square jaw can benefit from cosmetic injections. Muscle relaxants may also relieve pain, fostering a patient's range and movement of motion. Moreover, muscle relaxants as a cosmetic injection reduce the grinding and clenching of teeth in patients with bruxism. Teeth grinding can result in other dental health complications, particularly among patients with weak teeth. Thus, patients may receive cosmetic injections as an affordable and effective treatment option for their dentofacial problems.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are common non-surgical cosmetic injections. Typically, dermal fillers treat tear troughs, frown lines, eye wrinkles, smoker lines, and crow's feet. Additionally, dermal fillers also treat cheeks and are used for lip enhancement to add plump and volume to a patient's lip. Many people prefer dermal fillers as a cosmetic injection because it is reversible. After dermal filler cosmetic injections, patients who dislike their appearance can have the fillers dissolved in a special solution, restoring their appearance. Thus, dermal injections are used as cosmetic injections to rejuvenate and restore patients' facial wrinkles, correct facial volume, and augment a person's facial features. 

Gummy Smile Treatment

A smile is one of the most powerful non-verbal cues humans possess. A person can have a gummy smile for various reasons. Gummy smiles may be caused by the upper lip rising higher than it should when someone smiles, exposing the gums. It may also manifest in patients with excess gum tissues or disproportional teeth shape and size. Thus, patients with a gummy smile may feel embarrassed, undermining their self-esteem and confidence. Dentists use cosmetic injections to create symmetry and frame a patient's teeth, giving them a natural smile.

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