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5 Questions Dental Patients Have About Living With Dental Implants

Considering a dental implant? You likely have questions about the procedure and what it is like living with an implant afterward. Here are some common questions you may have.

Will Your Jaw Ache Afterwards?

You can expect to experience some soreness in your jaw immediately after the surgical procedure, and this is normal. Thankfully, your dentist should prescribe pain medication to help the area feel better while it is healing. On the day of the procedure, make sure to take pain medication preemptively before the numbness from anesthesia goes away to help avoid any pain or discomfort. 

Will The Implants Cause A Sensation Of Pressure?

Under normal eating conditions, you should not feel any odd pressure on your jaw when using the dental implant after it has healed. However, you need to be careful when using that tooth while it is still healing. A good rule to follow is to not chew anything with the implant if you can't cut it with your fork.  

Will The Implant Cause You To Talk Differently?

The effect of a dental implant on your speech will depend on how long you've gone without a tooth and where the tooth is located. If the implant is for a front tooth and you've adjusted to speaking with the gap, then you will talk differently right after getting a dental implant. There will be another adjustment period while you get used to it, but then your speech will go back to normal and you won't even think about it. 

Will The Implant Be Visible At All?

A dental implant will resemble a real tooth when you receive the final crown. However, there may be a small gap between your gums and your implant when using the temporary implant. This depends on what type of implant you have though. If you're using all-on-four dental implants to support an entire row of artificial teeth, you will have a gap that is not easily visible to others while you have the temporary implants installed. 

Will The Temporary Implant Get Food Stuck Underneath it?

It's possible for food to get into that tiny gap underneath a temporary dental implant, which is why brushing is so important. You want to treat the implant like a natural tooth and not ignore it. The tooth may be artificial, but you can still get an infection from not cleaning the area properly.

Reach out to a dentist if you have more questions about dental implants