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How Jawbone Density Can Impact Your Dental Implant

Do you have gaps in your smile that you want you want to fix for good? Dental implants are a way to provide a permanent fix to this problem. Unfortunately, it's possible that you may not be a good candidate for dental implants due to your jawbone density. Here are some things to know about how your jawbone plays a role in this dental procedure.

Short Implants May Be Used

Be aware that there are different sizes of dental implants. For jawbones that are thin, it is possible for a standard-sized dental implant to cause damage to the jawbone during its installation. If the dentist uses an implant that is too big for a particular jawbone, it can potentially cause nerve damage. This can happen if the jawbone is not very dense, since the nerves will be close to where the implant goes into the bone. Even if a dental patient has a jawbone that is very dense, the position of the implant can still cause nerve damage. It's why the installation process must be done by somebody that has plenty of experience with this procedure to avoid making a mistake.

Using short dental implants will cause the implant to not come anywhere near where the nerves are located. This can allow the dental implants to be installed safely while still being a secure fixture of the jawbone once osseointegration has occurred.

Bone Grafts May Be Necessary

A jawbone that is not very dense may require a bone graft to get the jaw in good enough shape to accept a dental implant. This builds up the jawbone so that it is thicker and gives more surface area for the dental implant to attach to.

A dentist has the option of taking the bone graft material from several places. It can be taken from another part of your body, the bone material can be donated, or it can be an artificial material. Either way, a graft will help provide additional mass for the dental implant.

Expect the dental implant procedure to take longer to complete if a bond graft is necessary. The jawbone needs to completely heal in order to proceed with having dental implants inserted. The dentist will want to verify that your jawbone is free of any complications before moving forward with placing the implant.

Reach out to a dentist at a location like Gallery Dental if your jawbone is a concern for dental implants.