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Understanding Some Of The Benefits Of Opting For A One-Visit Crown

Dental cracks can leave your teeth susceptible to long-term types of damage. This is one reason why it is best to have restorations completed as quickly as possible. And, crowns are one of the most common of the restorations. Crowns can be secured quite quickly, especially if you decide on a one-visit crown. These crowns have some benefits, in addition to you not having to come back to the dentist a second time. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Advanced Tooth Protection

Crowns are made to protect the teeth, but they do typically require a preparation process. Traditionally, this preparation means that a temporary crown is needed to protect the ground-down biting surface. Since the device is temporary, it may not be glued down strongly. It also may not fit right. This can translate to chewing and biting issues, or the crown may come loose. 

If your uncrowned tooth is exposed, then a few things can happen. The tooth may crack further, and if the damage is extensive enough, then you may need a dental extraction. Also, tooth pain is likely, with possible shooting sensations through the jaw if you bite, chew, or expose the tooth to temperature extremes. And, if any bacteria gets into the tooth through a crack or another opening, a dental infection can occur.

All of these issues are not a problem with a same-day crown because the permanent device will be cemented in place. 

More Comfort

Dental crowns act and look like natural teeth. However, this is only the case when you receive your full or permanent restoration. Temporary crowns rarely feel like the real thing, and you may notice sharp edges, uneven surfaces, and high spots. Sometimes, the temporary device can scrape against the gums or sit too low underneath the gums and cause a sore. 

If your permanent crown is not made for a week or two, then you will need to suffer from the discomfort of a temporary crown for the entirety of this time period. This can be quite problematic for some people. And, if the crown is a bit big and difficult to floss around, then a gum infection or a nearby cavity may be an issue for you, as well.

Same-day permanent crowns are made with the same sorts of CAM/CAD technology that the more traditional devices are constructed with. So, you can avoid all the comfort issues and receive a crown that fits correctly and feels comfortable the first time around. 

For more information on one-visit crowns, contact a dentist's office like David Russell DDS, Inc.