Creating A More Beautiful Smile

Are Dental Veneers Worth the Cost?

When you have decided that you do not like your smile, there are a variety of things to do to improve it. Sometimes a brace is all that is needed, but other times additional help will be needed, and this can be provided via dental veneers.

The Reasons

There are several reasons why improving your teeth will be a good idea. You will be:

  • Much more confident when you are having your photograph taken

  • Smiling when you meet new people

  • Dating; you want the date to know you are happy to be there rather than smiling behind your hand.

The issue for some people, however, will be the price. Clearly, the latest technology will come with higher prices, and you will also need to consider the expertise of the cosmetic dentist as that will come with a price tag.

Types of Dental Veneer

You will be able to pick between two different types of dental veneers. They are:

  • Porcelain veneer

  • Composite veneer

Composite will be less expensive and will cost around 1/3 of the price of porcelain ones. It may be immediately noticeable that porcelain is a lot more expensive, but there are good reasons why this is the case. The first reason is that they look so much better, and the second one is that they last longer. You should be able to get 10–15 years with no problems, and they could last up to 25 years.

Porcelain appearance

There are easy-to-explain reasons why the porcelain dental veneers are best and worth the money you pay for them. They reflect light just as normal teeth do and can be made to be a little translucent. As a result, they will take a little longer than composite, but they will be worth waiting for.


There are a number of people involved in the construction and this will add to the cost. Your own dentist will take the impressions and then send them to the lab. There will be an expert there who produces the veneers and returns them to your dentist. All this work costs money, and there is a risk that your insurance policy will not cover the cost of dental veneers. It will be best to check with your dentist before starting work. Hopefully, there are ways for you to pay for veneers as it is clear that they are worth what you will be paying for them.

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