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5 Tips For Preventing Cavities

While everyone is well aware that flossing and brushing is crucial for maintaining good oral health, there are other things that you can do to limit the chances of getting cavities. Here are 5 tips that are beneficial for the health of your teeth.

Chew Sugarless Gum

You may want to get into the habit of chewing gum, but only the sugarless variety. It actually causes your mouth to produce more saliva than usual, which helps wash away the bacteria that can cause cavities. If you have a piece of sugarless gum after you eat a meal, it will help remove any bacteria on your teeth that will become problematic if left on them the rest of the day.

Drink Sugary Beverages With A Straw

You likely are aware of how bad sodas and other sugary beverages can be for your oral health, but you may still be addicted to drinking them. If you want to limit the damage they do to your teeth, consider using a straw instead of drinking from a glass, can, or bottle. The beverage will go past your teeth instead of washing over them, which reduces their exposure to the acidic beverage that can harm your tooth enamel.

Eat More Cheese and Crunchy Vegetables

Cheese can be a good food to eat to strengthen your bones, but it also contributed to keeping teeth strong and healthy. This is due to the calcium found in the cheese that actually remineralize your teeth and prevents cavities. Consider snacking on some cheese sticks to improve your oral health. Crunchy vegetables can also help remove plaque due to their abrasive texture that rubs against your teeth when eating them.

Replace Old Toothbrushes

An old toothbrush that has become frayed can be ineffective and make it harder to get rid of plaque. Unfortunately, many people assume that a toothbrush should be replaced every 6 months when they have their dental cleaning done, since that is when your dentist gives you a new toothbrush. You should actually be switching out that toothbrush every 3 months to make sure you are doing effective brushing.

Get Dental Sealants

When you're really worried about cavities, you can always have dental sealants placed on your teeth at a local dental clinic. Sealants cover parts of your teeth that happen to be hard to brush effectively, such as the top side of molars, and prevent cavities from forming in those spots. Sealants last for quite some time before they wear away and can help prevent cavities from forming in your teeth.