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Dental Implant Information For Fearful Patients

If you are considering dental implants, you are likely curious about the process and would like to know what to expect. Dental implants require extensive orthodontic work, so it is important you are prepared. Here are some facts about dental implants you should know:

Implants Require a Multi-Step Process Beforehand

One thing to know is you cannot go into the office in one day and leave with perfect teeth. Getting dental implants is a multi-step process that begins with several rounds of testing. Many x-rays are necessary when getting started to make sure you are a viable candidate. The orthodontist also needs to see how your jawline and your bite align to make sure new teeth are sustainable. You may need additional work done beforehand to prepare your mouth for implants. Once those steps are complete, you will then be fitted for new teeth.

You Should Not Encounter Much Pain During the Surgery

One fear for so many people is pain during and after the procedure. The surgery itself is painless, as you will be completely numb, much like you would for a tooth filling. You may notice some vibration as the tools are used in your mouth to remove and replace teeth. If you are still nervous, you can ask about some anti-anxiety medication to help calm your fears.

There Is Minimal Pain After the Surgery

Once the process is over, you may be fearful of feeling pain in your mouth. While you will need to recover, many patients affirm the pain afterward is very minimal. You may notice some soreness immediately after and possibly some the next day. The pain, however, is similar to the soreness you would have after a major filling or a tooth extraction. You will likely only need some over-the-counter pain relief to help ease the soreness. However, you orthodontist should prescribe you some pain medication for a few days. You may also need an antibiotic to ward off infection. If you do notice unbearable pain, you need to call your orthodontist. You could have an infection, which is very painful and needs to be addressed right away.

Any type of significant dental work is scary for many people. Fortunately, technological advancements have made most oral surgeries and procedures quite easy and painless. If you are interested in getting dental implants, call a clinic, like NOVA PREMIER DENTAL, for an initial consultation. Be sure to ask questions if you feel anxious or scared about the process to help ease your concerns.