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Types Of Braces For Your Teen Who Is Self-Conscious About Wearing Them

Teens in general are sensitive about their appearance, but if you have a teen that is distraught over the idea of having to wear braces, there might be hope. Each child is different, and depending on the condition of your teen's teeth, your dentist might have ways of making their braces less noticeable. Here are some ideas for choosing braces that make it easier for self-conscious teens to adapt.

Invisible Aligner Trays

If they're suitable, clear trays could be a good choice for your teen. They are nearly invisible when they are in the mouth, and they can be removed when eating out with friends and for important occasions. These even have dots on them that wear down gradually with use, so your dentist will know if your teen is secretly removing the braces too often.

Transparent Braces

A similar option is transparent or white braces that blend in with the teeth so they aren't as noticeable. This could be a good option if your teen won't leave the aligner trays in as many hours per day as they should be. Transparent braces are permanent until the dentist removes them, and they work like traditional braces, they are just less obvious.

Fast-Working Braces

You might be able to compromise with your teen and have your dentist consider braces that are fast-acting. These can also be clear so they are almost invisible; however, these braces work to move teeth in a different way. Traditional braces put pressure on the crowns of the teeth to move them into position first, and then pressure is put on the roots to bring them into alignment. Braces that get quicker results use a different action that moves the roots first.

This can drastically cut down on the amount of time that braces are needed. Your teen may only need to wear them a few months, and much of that time could be scheduled over the summer break from school. While some people might get results in a few months, others may take up to a year or more, but that is still less than the usual time required for traditional braces to work.

Although your teen may hate wearing braces now, in a few years he or she will appreciate having gone through the ordeal when they can enjoy their pretty, new smile. It may be unfortunate that the need for braces coincides with the time in life when your child is already self-conscious, but your dentist may have ways of making the process as tolerable as possible.