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The Pros And Cons Of An Immediate Dental Implant Versus A Regular Dental Implant

Typically, it takes months for a dental implant to be placed. X-rays are taken, molds are made of the mouth and the implant anchor is surgically implanted into the mouth. This anchor heals for three to six months before the carefully molded tooth is attached, creating the look of a real tooth. But if you have lost one of your front teeth, you may not want to wait months to have an implant placed. This is where immediate dental implants come in. These implants use smaller anchors to heal faster and allow temporary teeth to be attached for a couple of months before a more permanent tooth can be attached. If you are considering an immediate dental implant, you may be wondering what the pros and cons are. Here are a few of the pros and cons of an immediate dental implant:

Cons of an Immediate Dental Implant

  • The Cost is Higher

One of the downsides to an immediate dental implant is that the cost of this type of implant is typically higher. When you have a regular implant placed, only one tooth is attached. This is the permanent tooth. When you have an immediate implant placed, you have a temporary tooth that is attached, followed by the permanent one. This increases the cost of the procedure. 

  • You May Have to Eat a Soft Diet

The other disadvantage to an immediate dental implant is that you may have to eat a soft diet, even with the tooth in place. The post or anchor that the tooth is placed on still takes a couple of months to heal. Eating hard foods, chewing or biting on the anchor can cause it to fail or can be painful. As such, you may have to eat a soft diet until the area heals. 

Pros of an Immediate Dental Implant

  • You Have a Tooth Placed Immediately

The biggest advantage to an immediate dental implant is that you have a tooth placed immediately. If you have lost a tooth in the back of your mouth, this may not be a concern. But if you have lost one of your front teeth, you may be self-conscious talking or smiling with a missing tooth. Getting a replacement tooth in quickly can help give you your confidence back. 

  • Helps to Prevent Bone Loss

The other benefit to an immediate dental implant is that it helps to prevent bone loss. If a tooth is missing, the bone can begin to deteriorate and your facial skin can wrinkle or sag. Having a full tooth in place, rather than just an anchor, helps to prevent this issue. 

Both immediate and regular dental implants can help you to replace a missing tooth. Consult with a dental office like Smile City today to find out which may be the best option for you, and if you are a candidate for either procedure.