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Things Patients Considering Dental Implants Should Understand

When a patient loses a tooth, they will want to make sure that it is replaced with a realistic artificial tooth. Unfortunately, those that have recently lost a tooth and are considering undergoing this upgrade may benefit from reviewing some information about dental implants.

Prevent The Teeth From Shifting

There will often be a period of several weeks or longer before a patient may be ready to undergo the tooth replacement procedure. During this time, it is important to prevent the teeth from shifting to close the gap that was created. If the teeth shift a considerable amount, it will be necessary to straighten them before the implant can be installed. Otherwise, there will not be enough to accommodate it. To stop the teeth from shifting, there are spacers that can be installed to reinforce the teeth until you are able to commit to undergoing the implant installation process. Without these spacers, you may find that the installation of your new implant will be significantly delayed.

Be Mindful Of The Implant While It Fuses To The Bone

One of the longest phases of the dental implant installation process will be the bone fusing to the implant. This process will gradually occur over the course of weeks. During this period of time, you will want to be very mindful of the dental implant when you are chewing and speaking. The implant will be at risk of getting knocked out of the mouth until this fusing process is complete. To minimize the risk of accidentally damaging the implant, you should avoid chewing on the side of the mouth with the implant for at least the first couple of weeks. If you find that your implant has suddenly started to feel loose, it could be important to visit a dentist as soon as possible so that it can be secured before it completely comes out of place.

Attend Any Scheduled Follow-Up Visits

You will be scheduled for regular follow-up visits once the implant has been installed. During these visits, you will be thoroughly examined to ensure that the implant has not started to develop problems or complications. Many potential complications will start in an extremely subtle way, and without attending these visits, you may not now a problem is developing until it has already become very severe. Additionally, these visits will allow the dentist to monitor the fusing of the implant and the jaw so that they will be able to complete the process by placing the permanent artificial tooth.

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