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What To Expect From Dentures: Tools Involved

A lot of the fear and anxiety people experience at the dentist's office has to do with their relative unfamiliarity with the diagnostic and repair tools commonly used. This is no less true for those with dentures than it is for those who still boast a mouthful of original teeth. If you would like to learn more about the sorts of tools used during denture-related dental appointments, read on. This article will discuss three frequently employed instruments.


This is one of the very first tools that will be used when evaluating a patient who does not yet have dentures. Before the process of modeling and manufacturing a custom-fitted denture can begin, your dentist will have to make detailed measurements of your mouth. The papillameter is a key tool during this process. It is used to measure the distance between the inside of your lip and what is known as the incisive papilla, a downward projection of the palate.

The measurement provided by a papillameter helps ensure that your dentures will have the appropriate gingival dentures. This will have a functional effect when it comes to how well your dentures remain seated in your mouth. It will also have an aesthetic effect, by ensuring that the top of your dentures cannot be easily seen each time you open your mouth.

Centric Tray

Once your dentist has taken all of the necessary measurements, it will soon be time to make an impression of the inside of your mouth. This impression will then be used to manufacture a pair of dentures that fit your mouth like a glove. An impression is made using a combination of dental wax and the tool known as a centric tray.

First an appropriately sized piece of wax is placed inside of the patient's mouth. Then the centric tray itself is inserted. The patient then bites down on the centric tray. The resistance of the tray helps to push the wax upward along the gums, thus ensuring that the impression provides the most accurate picture of the contours of your 

Denture Gauge

Both of the tools discussed so far are used in fitting a patient for a new set of dentures. Yet certain tools are also needed for patients who already have dentures. The denture gauge is one of these tools, and is used to derive precise measurements from an existing pair of dentures. This is very helpful in the event that your dentures become cracked or otherwise damaged, as it will allow the dentist to construct a new pair without having to go through the process of taking all new measurements.