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4 Materials Used For Dental Fillings

One of the things you may be faced with at some point in life is the need to have a tooth filled. This can be a bit of a scary situation for some people, but you will be able to save the tooth by having it restored. It's ideal to know the various materials that are used for the filling to better educate yourself on the subject. The more you know, the more control you have in this process.

Material #1: Gold filling

If you have a molar tooth that needs to be filled, your dentist may recommend for gold to be used to restore the tooth. This is because gold is one of the strongest materials that can be utilized when it comes to doing any dental restorations.

Material #2: Amalgam

One of the popular materials used to fill a tooth is amalgam. This filling type is a mixture of zinc, copper, mercury, tin, and silver. Mercury is the most prominent material in the mix when it comes to an amalgam filling.

Listed below are the benefits of this type of filling:

  1. Durable – The material can last for a very long time.
  2. Cost effective – You can typically expect to pay the least for a dental filling when you choose amalgam.

Material #3: Composite resin

This material is consists of a mixture of both plastic and particles of fine glass. Composite resin isn't as inexpensive as amalgam but may be one of the lower costing choices.

One of the advantages of choosing composite resin for your dental restoration includes that it can match the existing color of your teeth. This can make it difficult for others to know that you have a tooth that has been filled.

Material #4: Ceramic

If you want a filling that resembles your natural teeth the most, you may want to choose ceramic. However, your dentist will need to confirm that this filling type will withstand the test of time in the location when you need the filling.

It's not uncommon for ceramic to be used on the front teeth, since it typically doesn't stain as easily as some of the other materials may.

The good news is there is a variety of ways to fully restore a tooth that has been diagnosed with decay. Be sure to rely on the expertise of your dentist to determine the material type that best suits your individual needs today. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like