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Fell Down Slippery Steps And Now Have A Cracked Tooth? Some Tips On What Can Be Done

If your steps have ice on them due to the cold and you fell down them and cracked your tooth, you need to see your dentist. You may not even notice in the beginning this even happened, but if you start feeling pain in a tooth when you drink hot or cold drinks, this is a big sign that something is wrong. Below is some more information about this so you can understand what will happen.


The first thing the dentist will do take an X-ray of your teeth to help them determine which one is cracked. They will likely be able to see this visually, but the X-ray will show them the exact damage to your tooth.


The dentist may choose to use a bonding procedure to repair your tooth if the chip is not severe. If they choose this, they will use special equipment to roughen the surface of the tooth so the bonding will adhere to it. They will then apply a putty to the tooth and mold and smooth the putty. The dentist uses an ultraviolet light to harden the bonding. Once hardened, the dentist polishes the tooth.

Dental Veneers

If the crack is too severe for bonding, the dentist may choose dental veneers. This is like putting a porcelain shell over the tooth to cover it up. If you have this procedure done, your dentist will remove some of the tooth's surface to allow room for the veneer. They will make an impression of the tooth and send the impression to a lab to create the veneer. Until the veneer is ready, a temporary veneer is placed over the tooth. When the new veneer is ready, the dentist will bond it to your tooth.

Dental Implant

If the crack in your tooth extends below your gum line, the doctor will not be able to treat it. They will need to pull the tooth and then put in a dental implant to replace it. The dental implant securely attaches to your jawbone so it is a permanent solution.

The dentist will first place screws in your jawbone to acts as the root for the tooth. You have to wait for a certain amount of time after this procedure as the bone has to fuse with the screws before the doctor can continue. The doctor will make an impression of the tooth and send it to a lab to create your replacement tooth. Once the implant is ready, the dentist places small metal posts on top of the implant and the new tooth connects to these posts to stay securely in your mouth.

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