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Why Are Your Infant's Teeth Discolored?

Teeth are supposed to be white. So when teeth start to discolor, you start to wonder why and how you can change it. Any darkness could be a sign that there is something wrong, especially when it comes to an infant's set of teeth. Here are the main reasons for teeth discoloration in children.

Not Brushing Enough

One of the most common problems is inadequate brushing. You may not have set up a routine for your child or may have allowed them to do it by themselves, which can result in negligence. Not brushing teeth enough leads to a build-up of plaque, and this can lead to various health problems. Tooth discoloration is one of the first signs there is a problem.

Tooth or Gum Trauma

Accidents happen. Children fall over all the time and this can lead to gum and tooth trauma. One of the most common incidents is a child falling face first and hitting their mouth on an object or the floor. A dying nerve or trauma can lead to infant teeth turning grey. There is nothing dangerous about this, but the teeth may fall out sooner than expected.

After trauma, it is important to watch out for other signs of problems. Abscesses and infection may appear and will need to be treated right away.

Jaundice in Babies

Some babies will develop jaundice after they are born. While this is quickly treated, it can have an effect on the teeth. One of the issues is green-colored teeth. Most will just have a slight green tint. As long as the jaundice has been treated, this discoloration will go away too – and this is nothing to worry about.

Medications and Illnesses

Discolored teeth can also appear due to illnesses and use of medication. Hepatitis and some heart diseases in infants can cause a greying of the teeth. Iron vitamins can also cause baby teeth to come through stained.

According to Mayo Clinic, women who take tetracycline in their pregnancy may find their baby's teeth are yellow. This is something doctors should warn about happening.

Food Stains

As babies start to eat food rather than just milk, the color of the food can stain the teeth. This can be prevented with a good oral hygiene routine.

Only your dentist and doctor will be able to help you get to the real reason for discolored teeth. The reasons above are the most common, and it shows it is very important to create a good oral hygiene routine as soon as possible. Poor oral hygiene in childhood will lead to problems when children are older.

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