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Dental Care Tips For Families With Multiple Kids

If you have a few kids at home, just getting everyone to school and back and safe in bed might feel like an accomplishment. Just because your home is a busy one doesn't mean you can sacrifice the importance of your family's dental care routine. Here are four tips to get your kids on top of their own dental care regime and keep this fun for everyone.

1. Enlist Older Kids

If you have older kids in your family, you can enlist their help in encouraging good dental habits for their younger siblings. Sometimes kids will listen to their older brothers and sisters over you because they look up to them. Teaching younger siblings how to brush and floss will make older kids feel important and will keep them on track with good dental habits as well.

2. Make it a Competition

If you have a few kids, you can make daily dental care a competition in order to make this more fun. Have calendars up in the bathroom with markers or stickers to mark off days that kids remember to brush and floss. You can offer up prizes weekly or monthly for those who brushed regularly or if one child kept up on their dental care more than others.

3. Group Dental Appointments

A great way to take the stress out of going to the dentist is to get routine appointments all set up at the same time. If younger kids are nervous, they can watch older siblings get their exams, or can have the support of another sibling in the room. This way you can keep track of appointments better if these will always be at the same time for all of your children.

4. Parents Need to Set an Example

The best thing that you can do to get your kids on the right track is to set an example as parents when it comes to dental health. If you are regularly seeing the dentist and make brushing and flossing a priority, all of your kids will see this and will be more likely to follow suit.

There can be a lot of competing priorities when it comes to raising a big family. If you have multiple kids, you can use this to your advantage when it comes to dental routines. If you can instill good habits for your family's oral care routine now, these can last a lifetime. Getting your kids and your spouse to work together as a family will keep the right habits at the forefront of dental health (learn more here).